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Monitor projects that interest you with just one bot. Our team selects only the most significant news in the world of cryptocurrency every day.
Save time with practical strategies that increase your earnings.

The Prime team carefully selects the most significant events and forms ways of earning money for both beginners and advanced users. Available only in Russian.
An advanced aggregator of all necessary projects and services for work with cryptocurrency: wallets, decentralized and centralized exchanges, yield aggregators, bridges, lending and insurance platforms, launchpads, NFT marketplaces, and various services.
Hot news, training material, the best events and schemes — all this you will find in our media resources on YouTube and Telegram channels.
A platform for any transactions between users under the careful control of our guarantor.

Security and personal approach!
Calendar of key events in the world of cryptocurrency. Saves time and increases your productivity.

Free access for Prime subscribers in two versions — Telegram and browser.
A free product where you will find all the necessary materials to immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrency.

Crypton Academy has been rebranded and is now called Prime. A new Academy product is in development...
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We help to understand cryptocurrencies by providing the necessary tools to increase your productivity and save time.
Павел Сычев
Pavel Sychev
Crypton Founder, creator of the YouTube channel EnjoyMaloy and the blog TradeParty. He has more than five years of experience in the crypto industry. Binance Influencer of the Year Award 2022.
Вадим Тарасов
Vadym Tarasov
Co-founder of the Crypton ecosystem, one of the authors of the 'Ugolok treydera' project. He has been in crypto industry since 2017.
Cryptocurrency news, DeFi, NFT. Event analysis and analytics
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